Sunday, October 23, 2011


When we watched the Exorcist was I terrified? Nope. When I think about it a whole day later am I scared to death? Yeah! I was so scared from just thinking about it, that I made my brother stay in my room with me tonight.But why am I so freaked out now? It might have had something to do with the fact that at about 1:40 this morning, I woke up to my brother about two inches in front of my face saying, "Sara." In this creepy voice. What did I do? What any person's first reaction should be, I slapped him in the face and sat straight up in bed. He was on the other side of my bed and I could't see his face so I flipped on the light. Here's how the conversation went.
Me: Nate! Wake up! Why would you do that to me?!
Nate who has his eyes still closed: It wasn't me! It was him! That guy!
Me: What guy?! (At that point I was getting so freaked out)
Nate: He was standing right there! But it wasn't him, it was his guest.
Me: Who are you talking about?!
Me: Stop yelling!

So I made him open his eyes and when he did they were just dazed looking, like he was still asleep. So I made him get out of my room, and he leaves on my side of the bed.
Which is why I'm so freaked out that I can't go back to sleep. That movie bothered me way too much and Nate has really vivid nightmares..

Scared to death~ Sara

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