Saturday, October 8, 2011

A TV show review: American Horror Story

Oh wow... Where to start! My mom and I love to watch scary shows, and movies, and we love a good scary book. When we saw the commercials for this we were all like, "Yeah! Let's watch it!" Big. Mistake.
That show was terrible! Not only did the acting, writing, and directing suck, but I was so lost half the time that I had no idea what was going on.
First of all, that show was very cliche. A typical dysfunctional American family with marital issues and a troubled teen move into a big creepy house where several people have died. In other words, this show is just like every other scary show you've ever watched that didn't last very long. I guess I should also throw in the fact that all the murders took place in the creepy basement and, what makes this story even more original? The last owners to live in the house covered up the walls with bad wallpaper. What were they covering up? Creepy murals of children and older people in pain! Wow, didn't see that one coming. Let's also add a creepy little girl into the mix and a scary old housekeeper who appears to the cheating husband as an attractive young woman. Maybe now's the time that I should tell you about how the idiot husband, who loves to just roam about his house naked, is a psychiatrist who is currently treating a teenage boy who fantasizes about killing all the good people to get them out of the "filthy world". Did I mention that the husband treats all of his patients in his house? What a smart man.
But let's go back to the teenage girl who cuts herself, smokes, and hates the world. Why hasn't her father, the psychiatrist, picked up on any of this? And why is he so surprised to learn that his daughter and the crazy teenage boy he's been treating are becoming friends?
As you can see, the TV industry is still not creative when it comes to horror shows. I give American Horror Story a 2/10. Watch it if you want, but I definitely don't recommend it for younger viewers.


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