Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wiped out

Sorry I haven't posted in forever, I've been really busy lately. Again.
My mom works with a guy who records songs and she's taking me in to work with him on a short CD next Saturday. Which means I've been trying to make sure all of my songs are ready to go.. and the ones that aren't even written yet? I've been writing. So while I've been shut up in my room trying in vain to come up with good sounding song lyrics, I just mostly want to fall asleep. And then there's always mom's suggestion, that I do a song with a bunch of 'la la la's and single strums" in it. Hey, we're talking about a girl who got her inspiration for a sock here. It doesn't take much. I love to sing, but I wasn't sure I wanted everyone to know I could sing, you know? I don't even think I'm that great. But whatever, it's fall break so I have to be happy right? :)  Well, I'm getting off. Bye!

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