Sunday, December 11, 2011


I've never lacked inspiration. Whether in writing, photography, or music. I just never have. There's always been one more idea waiting at the back of my mind to be written down. Sometimes I feel like I'm sick of ideas.
Too many characters to keep up with at any one time.
But these days, I've just had one idea stuck in my head. The idea for the novel I'm currently fighting to finish.
I didn't reach the NaNoWriMo word count goal, but I figured I wouldn't be able to anyways. And I'm not the slightest bit disappointed. Because I have an idea that I really want to see through to the end.
I looked back over a few of the stories that I had started but never finished earlier, and it made me angry with myself. Some of those stories had the potential to be good books. But because I will never think that what I'm writing is good enough, they all got tossed in the trash.
And this time is no different. It isn't really a wall that I've hit in writing this story, but more of a big canyon that I have to figure out how to cross.
I know what's going to happen in this story, I have since the very start of writing it.
But sometimes, when I sit down to write a few scenes, I realize that there are holes in the plot.
Somehow, I just have to figure out how to fill them up.
And I don't want some stupid mediocre story that anyone could have thought up. I don't want a story that has been told a million times over. I especially don't want a cheesy love story with a bunch of useless drama.
Which is why I take so much time in everything that I write. I want my characters to have substance. I want them to be both easy to understand, and difficult to side with at the same time. I hope that made sense to someone.
I really just want to write a story that sticks with people. I don't want to be the next J.K. Rowling, I just want to write something that touches someone.
And going from the advice of my favorite author, Maggie Stiefvater, when you come to a place when your story isn't making much sense anymore, you should backtrack. Go back to the place in the story where you still had the right idea, and fix it. Even if it means going back to the very begging.
But don't give up.
And so that's what I'll do with this story. I'll keep the parts that make perfect sense, and I'll take out all of the useless information. All of the scenes that really had no impact on the plot as a whole.
That woman is an amazing role model, I swear. If it wasn't for her, I would have given up on this story a long time ago.

Peace, love, and canyons,


  1. Sara, your pictures are nice =)
    As far as inspiration go, I'm like you, except mostly in photography. I'm obsessed with photography *twitch* and is what my blog is about.

    What kind of camera do you have?

  2. Thank you! They're pretty amateur because I have such a bad camera, but I'd love to get a better one :) I have an old digital Kodak one.It's not a DSLR :( But hey, I'm getting one on Christmas, so I'm excited! I'm heading to your blog right now!

  3. Thank You for visiting! I hope you like the few posts that I have for now. Getting a new camera is probably the most exciting thing for me this year =D. The pictures on my blog are taken with simple digital cameras (Canon SD750, 7.1MP nothing special and is a little outdated with all the other new technology). I want to buy another camera with only 6MP but is a lot thinner. In a way that'll be a downgrade instead of an upgrade, but taking pictures is just fun for me and I want a camera I can take anywhere ^.^

    I'm glad you're getting an DSLR though. Besides macro, wide angel landscape pictures are my absolute favorite! And DSLR's take the most incredible wide angel shots! If your not getting one with great focal length, at least you'll take wicked Macros no matter what =D

    Sorry... got a little too excited. My point is, W0oh Photography!
    I'll be joining your site just in case one day you pop that new camera to use ^.^

  4. :) Well thanks for joining! I love it when people actually seem to take interest in what I'm blogging about :)
    You know what I would really love? A pinhole camera. Oh my gosh, I think I would have a heart attack if I could get one and figure out how to work it :) For now I just have my stupid Kodak that is really unreliable, and my awesome Pentax film Camera :) I love big bulky film cameras! Just the way they feel I guess. That sounded slightly weird, but oh well :)


  5. I always wondered about film cameras, the thing is they never give enough details on the still images that film cameras take. Like image sensors, are they at least the average 1/23"? and I dont know much about pinhole cameras so I can't say much, but during my studies of cameras I've bumped into a few mentions, they seem like really classy cameras I have to say.

    Hehe, I think the feel of the camera is extremely important.
    Like sketch artists. The pencil must fit comfortably in the hands of the artist.

  6. I agree! I really just love the way film cameras work I guess more than a dslr. Because it just seems a little more timeless to me :)
    I also love lomo photography, those pictures are always really cool. But, yet again, I just don't have the camera :)
    What's your favorite thing to take pictures of?


  7. Yeah, A lot of people share their lomo pictures on their blogs and it can look really mystifying. My favorite has to be nightlife wide angel/landscape. It captures my attention the second I lay eyes on it and I just lose myself staring at them. I especially love the sky right before the sun sets. The colors reflect so strongly against the clouds. Second to that are macro shots, mainly for insects or any small specimen. I really wish my thinner camera would get delivered already so I can go take pictures at night :( it's been in transit for over a week now, the suspense is killing me.

    How about you? It seems that you like macro as well ^.^

  8. I really love taking pictures of trees against sunlight. I know that seems really generic, but I just love the way they look sometimes.
    I live around a bunch of woods, and I also love taking pictures there. But it seems like I can't get my camera to capture the way the sunlight shines through the leaves. I hope my new one can do that :)
    I think I would really love taking pictures of everyday people, but in a more urban setting. Since I live in the middle of nowhere, this poses somewhat of a challenge.
    But one day, I'll travel around and have plenty of opportunities to take pictures of strangers :)