Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Friends: The family I got to choose

I, am very awkward.
And I embrace this.
It takes me a while to be close friends with someone, and sometimes that gets on my nerves. But in the end, I guess it's really a good thing. All that means, is that I wait to see if the person is really someone I can trust.
Sure, I laugh like a dying whale, but somehow I still have awesome friends.
And in this post, I'm going to tell about my four closest ones.

Paige: One of the reasons I love Paige so much, is that she's never afraid to say what's on her mind. That girl can go off on people that make her mad. She's got this stare (I like to refer to it as the Stare-o'-Death) that makes anyone shake in their boots. Except me. By now I'm used to the Stare-o'-Death. The best way I can describe that look, would be a crazed killer who is about to cut your heart out with a very dull spoon.
She gives this look to anyone who has made her mad. Like anytime I bring up the incident involving a squirrel running across the road. Splat went that squirrel right across the highway. That's funny, if Paige could see me right now, she'd be giving me that look. But I know she thinks that this is funny, so I don't care :)
Paige always has my back, no matter what and I have her back too. I just wished she lived closer...The whole twenty feet I have to walk to her house gets pretty tiresome.
Me and Paige, we're like two ninja assassins, fighting off all the idiots of the world. Okay, maybe that last part was a little ridiculous, but I'm tired. Who cares.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you're all thinking. Good God, Sara was a nerd way back then too! But, that's me and Paige from the summer of third grade I think :)

This picture, is from last summer :) Top row: Kimberlee and Paige. Bottom row, Elizabeth and me.

I just got really tired, and so my three other friends are going to have to wait their turn. I think I'll just go to sleep right here... On this nice.. soft... keyboard..

Peace, love, and death stares,


  1. Yay for being awkward!! You sound like you could be me in a parallel universe.

    /awkward across the universe fist pound miss

  2. Heck yes! Awkward people of the universe....UNITE! :D

  3. I love how tan I look in the first picture and then i'm really pale in the second one :)

  4. We've been over this. You turned into a vampire! :D hahahaha