Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Sobriety Checkpoint

As we were leaving from grocery shopping tonight, a lady stopped us on the way out of the parking lot.
"If you're going that way," she'd said,"there's a sobriety check point." I was the one in the driver's seat, because I have my permit, and I felt a little offended by this. Why would you want to warn someone of a sobriety checkpoint anyways? The whole point is to get drunk drivers off the road and make it safer for everyone.
So my dad, in the passenger's seat looks at the lady like really? and says, "I think we'll be just fine." She smiles and walks away and I pull out of the parking lot.

So I'm freaking out.

Why? Because I'm me and I freak out about everything. I mean, growing up with a dad in law enforcement, you'd think I would be totally calm around cops, right? Wrong. Again, because I'm me and I get nervous easily.
Not like the fidgety sort of nervous, mainly just the aw crap, oh God, help me Oprah Winfrey, sort of nervous.
Anyone else catch the Ricky Bobby reference? :)

Anyways, we drive on down the road, and sure enough, there's a ton of police cars and deputies lining the streets. All the lights were flashing, making it look like some major crap was going on. But it wasn't really, just a regular check for DUI.
So I finally make it to the deputies, and I have my permit all out and ready. I've got this! And then the officer, who was really nice about everything, didn't even ask for it. They apparently didn't have to ask for it in the checkpoint unless they thought the driver might be under the influence.
He said, "Hope y'all have a safe New Years!" and then sent us on our way.

And so I cranked up Noah and the Whale, and I was calm again. :)

It was definitely a good experience though, I learned that I can hold it together when I feel like I'm under pressure. Turns out that this time, there was really no pressure at all. I was just freaking myself out over nothing :)

Peace, love, and blue lights,


  1. X) I just wanted to point out that I love this blog's look- and style of writting!
    ~ Zebraunicornasiss

  2. :) Right back at you! Your blog rocks :) But thank you!


  3. Shake and Bake, Ricky Bobby!!

    Oh, and I saw that,too!! It was on 99, I think.