Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My goals for the day

One: Successfully make spaghetti that is edible.
Two: Write three more pages on the novel.
Three: Make a new header for the blog.
Four: Finish the song I started writing last night.
Five: Dance like a crazy person on Just Dance 3 for the Kinect.
Six: Go to bed at a reasonable hour.
Seven: Finish the work for Honors English II


Well, that's what I have planned for the day. Hopefully I get most of it done.

I can't decide if I like the new look or not. What do you think? Should I keep it like it is? Or should I make it into a simple, white template?

Peace, love, and indecisiveness,


  1. I like the new look :D

    Originally I thought it changed by itself, lol.

    Back to you and me being the same person in different universes...
    1. I ate spaghetti yesterday (wtf how do I spell this word??)
    3. I just got Just Dance 3 AND ITS AWESOME,
    4. I always fail at falling asleep at a reasonable hour.


  2. Hahahaha that's hilarious! I've never been able to finish a whole novel! And I've started tons... It's depressing haha. Have you ever been to Writing Problems on Tumblr? It's hilarious because all of them are so true!
    I love making my own dances on JD3, I always look so insane. I think we must be long lost twins!

  3. Evening, new follower!
    Thanks for becoming a follower and I can't imagine getting up at 5.30 to be honest.. You must be wrecked! Well, at least abroad you don't all have Comhra agas Pros to learn, they're an Irish thing where you have to learn off plays and conversations. They usually end in tears and only a few people remaining in the honours class. Failure to know the exact paragraph results in 0 marks, so at least you have something to smile about there :)

  4. Haha, well, I'm a morning person, so it doesn't bother me TOO much. I've always wanted to go to Ireland! And oh gosh, that class sounds terrible!

  5. haha, yeah I've started a few as well that didn't end up... finished. It is very depressing. But I have high hopes for this recent one. I've already written so much of it that I'd go crazy just leaving it to die somewhere xD

  6. @Kimberlee Thanks!

    @G-fish Oh my gosh! Same here. The one I was working on before this one, I was so excited about. But then I realized that there were too many holes in the plot. And then I saw an old file on my computer and thought, hey! This isn't terrible! And so now i'm working on it again, and I'm about a fifth of the way through it :)

  7. Hey Sara!!
    I've been inactive lately and missed the whole blog make-up evolution >.<

    But it looks pretty sweet!
    The "Say Sara" page is a nice addition ^.^ and your blog seem so much more happy. I hope that's how you're feeling right now.
    Glad to hear you won't have to share your bathroom anymore. Whoever knocked down your towel should have their own toilets turned upside down >=(
    hehe, just kidding, they're your relatives after all.

  8. I am feeling happy! :) And thank you very much!
    Hahaha, I'd like to see someone turn their toilets upside down :D