Sunday, May 13, 2012

That One Chick That Lives With Me

My mom is without a doubt, one of my biggest role models. She inspires me to stand up for what I believe in every single day. I know that she sometimes doesn't understand me and the things I do, but here's to you Mom. For always helping me get back on my feet after I've had a hard time.

I don't know what she ever did to deserve such strange kids, but she got landed with two of them. The great part about it is; I know she wouldn't trade me or my brother for the world.

This is the woman who taught me how to read, I think that in itself is enough to make a kid love you forever. When you open the door to the world of books for a child, you show them that anything truly is possible. And I know that sounds ridiculously cheesy. And I'm sure you've all heard the "Anything is possible" spiel before. And I'm also sure that some kid who heard it along with you said, "But you still can't fly!" And to that I say, Bull Honkery. When you read a book, you can do anything. You live through the eyes of that character. If they can fly, then so can you. (In your mind's eye of course). My mother taught me that as much as my father taught me that no matter what I put my mind to in life, giving up is not an option. But I'll save that one for father's day.

This is also the very same lady who raised me on R.E.M., The Beatles, Elton John, Green-Day, and Dave Matthews. Thanks for that as well, Mom. Sometimes if I mention an R.E.M. song in class, I get weird looks.
I guess My mother is also to blame for my love of music and instruments. A love that causes me both to be very happy and very angry with myself at times. I vow right here and now to my mom, that if I ever get a bag-pipe, I'll only play it outside. :)

Along with books and music, I think I got the creative gene from her as well. Provided that creativity is in fact something you can inherit. I know I have her stubbornness. Neither one of us are likely to back down from a fight when the other person or group of people are clearly in the wrong. We could be a great lawyer team, my mom and I. Honestly though, I'm still banking on hitting it big as a bounty hunting duo.

Sure, me and my mom fight sometimes, but we never stay mad at each other for very long. Even though she wouldn't want to admit it, I know that we're friends. But not in the way that you see some trashy parent and her 14 year old going to get matching tramp stamps. Nah, we're the English nerd friends who try to see who can stump the other with a big word's definition.

So thank you again, Mom. For being there for me through my various break downs. For holding my hand when I cry. For being a positive role model, and for loving me even through my bad days.
I think that Thor Zunior and Tonalucc would be quite proud of you. :)

Peace, Love, and Chopsticks,


  1. Nice to read your posts again, Sara =P
    It's always nice to hear about the good sides of maternal bonds. We hear so many troubles and complaints about parents nowadays.

    Been a while, eh? How is everything?

  2. Haha, well thank you! It's been along time since I've seen your name pop up on my comments! Where have you been, man?! I've been good, well, good enough :) How have you been?

  3. Been taking pictures ofcourse
    And whenever I can take pictures, I'm good ^.^

    I should really change my profile picture though. I take pictures of over a hundred people and none of myself >.<

  4. :) haha, I catch myself doing the same stuff lol