Thursday, May 24, 2012

Welcome Back Lazy Days

It's officially that time of year again.
The time of year when freeze dried ramen noodles in convenient Styrofoam cups  become lunches.
The time of year when I wake up at seven only to go back to sleep and wake up at eleven.
It has also, sadly, become the time of year when I stress about my final report card, stress about making it into the dual enrollment program for next semester, and stress about reading the required summer reading for English Honors III and coming up with an intelligent project over both.
Yes, Summer has made it into my household at last.

I hate feeling lazy. I despise it.
And apparently, if I don't wake up before noon and have a cup of coffee while doing something at least halfway productive, I end up feeling lazy for the rest of the day.
Every lazy day that I have, I wish it were raining.
Not only is rain my favorite type of weather, but it seems to get all of my creative juices working in my brain.
I write a lot on rainy days. Sometimes I work on unfinished songs that sit wadded up in the corners of my room, growling at me.

But today I've done simply nothing but eat junk food, read Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (which is great by the way, I'll have a book review on that later), play Minecraft, and watch sappy romantic movies.

I haven't even looked at the story I've been working on because, quite frankly, I know it will only make me frustrated. The same goes for trying to write a new song or work on an old one that I haven't perfected yet.
The bad thing about this creative block as far as music goes, is that I'm playing at a coffee shop in two weeks. I need more originals.

Ah well, my summer job starts next Tuesday. I'll be babysitting two pretty cool girls about 45 minutes up the road. Sure, a big portion of my pay will go to gas money, but I'm making more than minimum wage. And that's pretty awesome :)
I'm saving my money from this job to be able to travel out of country next summer.
It's about time I started making my dreams pan out :)

Peace, love, and freeze dried noodles,

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