Thursday, May 10, 2012

This Kind of Day

There are good days, and there are bad days, and there are I-Don't-Even-Know-Why-I'm-Sad days.
For me, today has been an IDEKWIS day.

And I hate it.

Sure, I could blame it on hormones, my lacking in optimism, or my recently terrible anxiety, but I choose to blame it on all three.
Which is why, I happen to be holed up in my room eating a Kashi granola bar and a Popsicle, being sad for a lot of different reasons. And most of them are very stupid reasons to be sad.
And so, to express my stupid emotions, I'll write a stupid poem.

Today I'm the broken package, 
That gets stuck at the back of the shelf, 
And no one wants to take it home, 
So I mostly blame myself.

Today a lot of people annoyed me,
To a very great extent, 
To the point where I wanted to run away, 
And live all alone in a tent. 

In this tent I'd have an Xbox,
So whenever I got bored I could play, 
And if that doesn't work, why I'll play in the dirt! 
Like a little kindergartner might say. 

I'd also have some pets, 
To make my hobo career more legit, 
And when it gets cold, and I start to get old, 
Many warm sweaters I'll knit. 

So you see, I might be broken in some places, 
Like an old music box, 
I falter and miss notes here and there, 
But never have I lost the keys to the locks. 

I'm tired now, and have tent pitching to do, 
And so with these few words I'll leave you, 
Never, never, let them push you down, 
In this way they'll deceive you. 

Peace, love, and Talking to British Buddy, 

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