Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Twenty Things I'd Like To Say

As I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Pandora, I saw an awesome post idea. And, for the record, she said she didn't mind if her readers borrowed the idea. You all know how I feel about stealing other blogger's ideas and things :)

So, the concept of the post was this: Write twenty things to twenty people that you know you'll never tell them to their face. The only kicker is that you can't say who you're writing about. Although, with the things that I'm going to say, I wouldn't want to release names period.
I also guarantee that those of you who know me personally might think you know who I'm talking about, but will totally be wrong.
Let's do this thing :)
  1. You're a narcissist. I don't think you can even see past how "hot" you are (By the way, you really aren't that attractive) to understand how awful your personality is. I honestly think you're the most fake individual that has ever come into my life and I genuinely feel bad for you. But I know that you think I'm the bad guy. Because that's just the way it is right? But I'm not. I've only ever been  real with you, and that's about 50% more than you've ever done for me. I regret every secret I've ever told you. 
  2. You have no idea how much you affect me. I know it shouldn't be that way to begin with, but for God's sake, would it kill you to be kind? 
  3. I really wish you would open up more and let the rest of the world see that you're actually a good person. Sometimes it's okay to let the walls collapse that you've built around yourself. I can see that they're made of glass as it is. 
  4. You're a wanna-be man whore and I dislike you for that. Thank goodness you didn't like me like I liked you (or thought I liked you) because I saw how easily you looked past me to her. 
  5. Your ego is ridiculously large and doesn't quite mix well with reality. If you were more laid back, I might like you more. But you aren't. Do you realize how hard it is to make a career from that? 
  6. No one wants to hear you sing 24/7, in fact, no one wants to hear anyone sing all day every day. Your voice is nasally, my dear. Very nasally indeed. 
  7. You shouldn't wear your heart on your sleeve like you do. I know it'll come back to bite you in a matter of time. But I promise that I won't say I told you so. 
  8. I wish you would loosen up more sometimes. It's perfectly normal to be crazy :) 
  9. You always go for the wrong guys. I wish you would see that it's worth waiting on someone that deserves you, rather than settling for guys that aren't worth a rat's ass. 
  10. I would trust you more if you weren't a homophobe. I tend to not trust idiots. 
  11. If you weren't so infatuated with her, you might see how fake she is. Trust me, I fell for that once. 
  12. You aren't in love. You've caught a disease I like to call Incredibly Stupid. 
  13. He's a pedophile. Seriously. If you were smart, you would have heeded my warning. 
  14. The people I surround myself with tend to inspire me. You aren't one of them.
  15. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for so many things. For the way they treat you. For they way you live. For the things you've been through. I'm sorry for being blind and forgetful. 
  16. I can't wait until our ten year high school reunion. I'm going to laugh so hard at you. Mentally of course, I'm not cruel.  :)
  17. I admire you for your heart. But lately, you've been less of the person that I loved and more of a stranger to me. 
  18. One day, after college, I might come out and say everything I wanted to say to you, but no sooner. 
  19. We all have problems, you're no better than the rest of us. 
  20. What you lack is compassion, empathy, and understanding. Three assets that are very important. 
So, there you have it. I've done things like this before, but I love it :) There's something awesome about getting rid of all the things that you carry with you. I encourage all of you to do the twenty things list as well, just drop a comment telling me that you did so I can read it :)

Peace, love, and Cheetos stained fingers, 


  1. You're brave Sara :) I'm so glad you are one of my best friends :) It must feel great to just get everything off your chest. I love you. :)

  2. Thank you :) I'm glad you're one of my best friends also! I don't know what I would do without you or Paige. It does feel great :) You should do it!